A Chat with Alan Sharland of The Hoosiers

It’s been ten years since The Hoosiers released their groundbreaking debut album The Trick to Life. A lot has changed in those ten years but they’re taking a bit of time out of creating new music to go back and celebrate their breakout hit. [Disclaimer: This is an exciting one for me, this is one of the first albums I ever bought.] I got the chance to quiz drummer Alan Sharland about life in the band and The Trick to Life. 

It’s been 10 years since your debut album, what’s changed in those ten years?

Well, to put it poetically, nothing hasn’t changed! We have shed a few members, and we are now down to a band-combined-body-fat-index of just 7. We are probably enjoying playing more than ever and with the pressures of belonging to a major label gone, making music is now as exciting as when I first picked up a plectrum.


Could you ever anticipate the reaction to The Trick to Life?

Sort of. It’s a long build up- and record companies ‘test records’ (or at least used to), so you get a vague inkling that things might happen. But to have a number one album and all that radio play was other-worldly…


How do you think it’s songs have fared?

Really well actually. The singles still get a great reaction live- even 10 years on. I don’t listen to them much – never really have…

What are your favourite memories from the The Trick to Life days? And is there anything you would’ve done differently?

So many. We played Japan three times in 2008 which was life changing. And we featured in a Japanese animated film! I almost can’t believe that as I wrote this. Glastonbury, V, Isle of Wight. So many good times. The only thing I would have changed, is I would have started writing for album 2 a little earlier. But hey.


Is there anything that having such a runaway success for a debut taught you as a band?

It was just very obvious to me/us that we were very very lucky. We saw many very talented bands not get the breaks we got.


In all your music and your videos you’re always having fun, is that a large part of why you’re still making music ten years on?

Absolutely. Some of that was for the cameras, cos we were awfully tired at those points. But certainly now we have an awful lot of fun. I always look forward to seeing the band/crew.


How’s the more hands-on DIY approach to music been treating you?

Nicely. The pressure is off. We make what we want, when we want and how we want. Only down side is we don’t make any money. Haha.

Are you excited to get back on the road?

We never really left the road. We’re like road kill. Stuck firmly to it.
As Peanut Mixtape is based in Newcastle, do you have any memories of our city?Great curry under the bridge. And a few awesome nights out. The Newcastle crowd is right up there with the very best. It’s in my top three English cities. Big love.


Let me give a big thanks to The Hoosiers to take five minutes out to answer our questions and be sure to grab a ticket to bop around to ‘Goodbye Mr A’ with the best of them here.

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