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Stereophonics boast tenth album with new single ‘All in One Night’

Wales’ prodigal sons are back following 2015’s Keep the Village Alive. They’ve come out with new single ‘All in One Night’ along with news of their tenth studio album Scream Above the Sounds. The album title comes from a line in ‘All in One Night’.

‘All in One Night’ is a side step from the sound of Keep the Village Alive, sounding far less like the song deserves to be played over a pub PA on a Sunday afternoon. Lyrically, the song starts out about the usual, what happens on a night out, or what happens for Kelly Jones anyway. It then goes deeper, about a young woman getting ready to give birth. The two concepts are a strange merger but strangely they’re both equally apt to the mood of the instrumental.

Kelly Jones has said of the album’s lyrics: “The climate of the world is very upside down right now, it’s all a bit bonkers, [so] I try to write through my own experiences of it. I’m a very observational kind of writer. I write from the people’s point of view: the working classes.”

It’s clear that this album is not going to be so closely related to its elder siblings but that’s not necessarily a bad thing with a band like Stereophonics, with a voice like Kelly Jones and their distinct lyrical style, they have room to play around with the rest of their sound.

Give ‘All in One Night’ a listen here and prepare yourself for the album Scream Above the Noise which is due for release on November 2nd.

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