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BØRNS delivers sugary pop goodness with ‘Faded Heart

BØRNS AKA Mr Garett Borns graced us with his debut album Dopamine all the way back in 2015 but now he’s back with new single ‘Faded Heart’ to give us another dose of indie synth pop goodness. After the runaway success of Dopamine which saw him sell out all size venues around the world, go double platinum and play to the crowds of Coachella, Bonaroo and even T in the Park, ‘Faded Heart’ sounds set to keep him on that high flying trajectory. And of course he’s looking and sounding just as soave as he ever has.


‘Faded Heart’ fits into BØRNS’ back catalogue like a glove, it embraces the dazzling glitzy pop that brought about BØRNS’ rise to fame whilst making best use of his distinctive voice. The sugary sweet track has tastes of the retro glam of the 60s and a healthy dose of terribly suggestive lyrics but in the sweet caramel tone of his voice the lines are almost charming. BØRNS retains his title as a certified lady killer.

The song tells a souring ‘don’t go breaking my heart’ tale but it feels as happily poptastic as ever thanks to BØRNS captivating storytelling. It signals that his second album won’t make any massive overhauls of his sound or u-turns on the image he build with Dopamine. Fill up on sugary pop goodness and listen to Faded Heart’ here. Keep an eye out for the album too, due for release in January 2018.

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