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The Killers slip on their running shoes for ‘Run For Cover’

There have been widespread reports of shots fired from The Killers camp and ‘Run For Cover’ confirms the rumours. The new song comes after news of the band’s fifth studio album being called Wonderful, Wonderful and a run of UK arena dates selling out in seconds.

The song is a big ol’ dig at actual Shakespearean villain Donald Trump but despite a song to remind us he exists, it’s an exercise in catharsis as the tone is very much ‘sticking it to the man’ yet there’s more maturity here than we’ve seen in past records. During the chorus Flowers talks about not being afraid of the fear and of course, running for cover rather than standing up to fight. Knowing when to pick your fights doesn’t sound like the kind of song the Killers were writing back in the Sam’s Town days. Having been written over a near ten year period, the song naturally feels incredibly reflective. The fieriness behind ‘Run For Cover’ that’s evident from the outset. The band whip up a frenzy of noise before lashing out with massive vocals from Brandon Flowers.

The Killers, 2013

The lyrics are damning, demanding reaction for the actions of ourselves and our government in particular. So far the album appears to have a fair few references to boxing which could link to a bigger theme when the full album is out, something about fighting for yourself/what’s right or perhaps just a symptom of living in Vegas. The Killers have always talked about fighting whether that be taking punches or standing for what they believe in, but with this being their “most sonically forward-thinking album” it seems they may be more reflective on those times and talk about what they’ve learned.

Have a listen of the track ‘Run For Cover’ for yourself here, and look out for Wonderful, Wonderful due for release on September 22nd.

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