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Youth Killed It escape it all with new single ‘Islands’

Norwich’s not-so-sweet hearts have come back with new single ‘Islands’ and not a moment too soon, just in time to be hitting all those summer playlists. It follows their incredible debut album Modern Bollotics which only had its release in May (review here). Islands is a  tongue in cheek little number about escaping people and living on, you guessed it, an island.

The song opens with a deceptively casual strum of guitar but then Jack Murphy comes in with his fast becoming signature vocals, kicking up a fuss. The song is rough around the edges but that’s by no means a bad thing, the unpolished nature of ‘Islands’ keeps it firmly rooted in the pop punk music it appears to be influenced by.

The video is equally as tongue in cheek as the song itself, featuring the frontman setting sail for an island with nothing but his beloved photo of Tom Hanks, then hallucinate his mates and fellow band members as a football and even a fish. It’s a funny take on the song and a reminder that no man is an island, give the video a watch above.

Stream the single ‘Islands’ here and show Youth Killed It some support. If you like what you see then head over to their website and catch them live when they tour the UK in support of Massmatiks later on in the year.

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