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Twiggy Branches throw their hat in the ring with debut EP

Twiggy Branches are a New York based four piece hailing from the indie rock genre. Their debut EP Waste Not, Want More is a promising collection of tracks. The EP opens with ‘Never Gonna Be Tall’ which immediately takes a grungy turn, the guitars throw back to the early nineties. There’s a laidback kind of shuffle to the verse that gets replaced by a thrashing drum beat in the chorus.

Next comes slinky tune ‘Miss Available’. It opens in such a way that you almost envision the fog machines rolling out smoke as the intro plays out. The song tells the tale of the anonymous ‘Miss Available’, a story told many times by the likes of Lou Reed with ‘Walk On the Wild Side’ or The Kinks with ‘Lola’. There’s a bit of groove to this one.


‘Superior Inferior Man’ takes a slower, almost crooning tone in the verse only to expand into a bigger, bolder tune by the time the chorus rolls around. It tells another story of a girl gone by, this time a girl that causes quite a dichotomy in the relationship. The bridge of ‘Superior Inferior Man’ is definitely reminiscent of The Strokes and it’s in no way a bad thing, taking a lot of the Julian Casablancas casual kind of vocal delivery.

‘Downtown Actor’s Charm’ has an undeniable rhythm that flows incredibly naturally, making this song probably my favourite from Waste Not, Want More. It seems to go by just as quickly as it comes in. Finally the EP closes on ‘Pink and Black Days’ which is incredibly likeable, more indie than grunge than the rest of Waste Not, Want More but it still fits with the other songs undoubtedly. It’s a call out to future days it seems, calling out ‘you will remember my name’.

Have a listen of Twiggy Branches EP Waste Not, Want More here.

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