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Somehow’s newest offering ‘While The Days Go By’

French bedroom project Somehow create an incredibly nostalgic yet entirely new feeling with their newest single ‘While The Days Go By’ from second album Hidden Memories. There’s an aching sense of reality behind frontman Erwan Pépiot’s vocals that are eerily reminiscent of Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Like Joy Division, Somehow appear to have found their niche, sounding familiar yet fresh.

There’s an air of The Front Bottoms in the lyrics with a bittersweet introspective take on the world that’s ultimately quite cathartic to listen to. The bassline is thick and heavy, creating a sense of claustrophobia, even mania in it’s repetitiveness twinned with the chorus lyrics ‘and the days, and the days, and the days go by’.

The song fades into nothing in the final few seconds, as if something shrinking back into the darkness under the cloisters. It’s quite sinister but it gives more depth to the lyrical tone of the song. There’s a bit of a clash between the sweet and the sinister with the video which features the band getting on with very scrapbook-worthy activities.

Watch the video above. Give the track a listen here on soundcloud and here on spotify. The album Hidden Memories is also available now, which you can listen to here.

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