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1955’s insanely catchy new single ‘The Big One’

1955 came about in 2012 San Francisco, formed in a countryside studio during late night sessions. They’re called 1955 because it’s a nod to the music of the time that has inspired them, as well as more contemporary legends like Nick Cave and the Velvet Underground. The band’s first EP The French Had a Name For It went down a storm, and the singles that followed it did too, ‘Glory Days’ got a Sexy Beast inspired music video. Now they’re back with another single called ‘The Big One’ and it sounds just that, like a big one. Surely not to be missed.

The song opens on a slinky bassline that demands attention, a guitar coming over it and giving it the life to make the listener bob their head without even thinking about it. There’s an earworm melody working it’s magic here. Frontman Sasha Papadin comes in next with a vocal that is incredibly attentive, it bends itself around the melodies, perfectly synonymous with instrumental. There’s a garage style lo-fi charm to 1955 and it’s shown both through the song itself and the video which is a montage of the 1989 tsunami in California.

Give ‘The Big One’ a listen here and watch the video for it.

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