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Garden City release beautiful new song ‘Toward the Pain’

Garden City are a two man bedroom project based in both Denver and Boston. The two men, Joel and Dan, get together every other month or so to write new songs and record them so that they can release a song a month for the entirety of 2017, as Oh Wonder did in 2016 which was a runaway success. ‘Toward the Pain’ is their sixth release of the year. Garden City plan to establish a live following as much as they do an online following but due to living in different cities, the band do this via live performances that they put on YouTube.

The song ‘Toward the Pain’ is an acoustic one and from a quiet, gentle plucking it flourishes into a powerful track by the end of the first chorus. The two voices come together in the chorus to create the most smooth, delicate melodies I’ve ever heard come out of a male duo. There’s a confessional, introspective quality to the lyrics that make them, and the song as a whole quite moving. Over the bridge the band flex their melodies more, proving that they’re good for pretty little hushed tracks.

Watch Garden City perform ‘Toward the Pain’ above and stream the song here.

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