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Chloe Adams debuts poppy banger ‘Never Been Kissed’

Chloe Adams is an upcoming singer from the UK. She’s got a whole vault of bangers waiting to see daylight, beginning with ‘Never Been Kissed’. The song was recorded by Geoff Swann of Coldplay and Ed Sheeran fame, and Anthony Ryan of Oh Wonder fame. Chloe Adams is very reminiscent of old school Katy Perry, and her voice sounds like it has some bite to it like Kate Nash.

‘Never Been Kissed’ is an unapologetic pop banger that’ll be invading all your playlists before you know it. Chloe Adam’s says that the track’s about all the kisses leading up to the first real kiss.  “‘Never Been Kissed’ is the story from your first kiss, to your first REAL kiss. All the random people you may have kissed before – whether it be a one-off kiss at a party, or in a non-serious relationship… it all comes down to your first real kiss with that special someone.”

Have a listen to ‘Never Been Kissed’ here.

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