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Matthew Barton’s beautifully mellow EP ‘Kittenskins’

Matthew Barton is an upcoming indie singer/songwriter based in the UK. He is self described as creating lo-fi sounds inspired mainly by sixties pop music as well as post punk DIY aesthetic and artists such as PJ Harvey and Laura Nyro. Matthew Barton’s debut EP, called Kittenskins is an exploration of indie, folk and the older pop he’s influenced by.

Opening track ‘Engagement is a Sickness’ is a stripped back number fully reliant on vocal melodies. Barton’s vocals are tinged in bitterness about the fact that his ‘wedding day will never come’ but his honesty is quite raw and when in a musical context, feels quite powerful. ‘You Had A Body And You Killed It’ comes next and it’s got more groove to it than the initial song, the simple pluck of guitar giving the, again prominent, vocal melodies a strong base to sit atop.

Third track ‘Hide’ is different again but still just as good. It opens on a dreary strum of guitar that picks up immediately to put a pace behind the song. This feels a bit more influences by the intense quality PJ Harvey’s music has, as the sounds push up to an ending crescendo. ‘Savages’ then lulls a ballad in, it has an ethereal likeness in the ‘oooh’s of the pre-chorus before Barton’s voice comes back stronger for the second verse. The final track ‘Blue Moon’ continues the ghostly, ethereal likeness of ‘Savages’, giving a suitably mellow ending to Kittenskins.

Give the Kittenskins EP a listen here and if you’re feeling generous go support Matthew over on his bandcamp here.

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