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Niagara Moon with ‘Culture Loses to the Dollar’

Niagara Moon is a band set up by Thomas Erwin. The band consists of Thomas and whoever else is willing to set aside a couple of hours to play. Thomas has played a number of genres as his love for music grew and even played in a number of languages, playing in Otadehan, who sang in both English and Japanese, whilst he was studying in Japan. Since Otadehan went on hiatus, Niagara Moon began and their debut Eating Peaches was recently released.


The single ‘Cultures Loses to the Dollar’ is one about gentrification but that by no means it has weighty lyrics that form a ballad, rather the opposite, it makes you want to dance. Opening with a healthy dose of piano and synth, it creates a breezy vibe that dares you to start pulling shapes to the beat. Check out ‘Culture Loses to the Dollar’ here and listen to the rest of the album Eating Peaches here.

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