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The Bloom’s exceptional new single ‘For Your Love’

The Bloom are indie rockers from East London with a penchant for groove and swagger filled bangers. Their most recent track ‘For Your Love’ comes from their five song EP ‘In The Sky’. The band gained notoriety after winning Abbey Road’s very first Battle of the Bands, as judged by Nile Rodgers.

The single quickly whips up into a Killers style swagger with an infectious riff sitting below smooth vocals. The chorus is a call and response that begs to be sung aloud, ready for the crowds The Bloom will no doubt be amassing soon.


Check out ‘For Your Love’ here and the whole ‘In The Sky’ EP here.

1 comment on “The Bloom’s exceptional new single ‘For Your Love’

  1. Anonymous

    For your love, what a fantastic song these boys deserve to make it

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