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WeKings’ remarkable debut single ‘Echoes’

WeKings are a Scandinavian band based in Berlin. Although none of it’s members are new to the music scene, this is their first single under the title WeKings. The song is one with an interesting story. Clearly living so far from home can be difficult at the best of times and when the band got a little homesick, rather than going home themselves they sent a phone to do it for them.


They’ve been in the process of sending a mobile phone up to Oslo from Berlin, travelling only by people carrying it as far north as they’re going before passing it on to the next one, keeping the journey up to date via Instagram. The song ‘Echoes’ took the same inspiration as the project did, to capture echoes of home.


The song itself is beautiful, it has a warmth and an energy behind it that welcomes the ear. The vocals are rich, the group vocals even richer and smoother. As ‘Echoes’ progresses it gets warmer and more sophisticated, balancing growing layers of song delicately. Stream ‘Echoes’ here and have a look at where their phone has been here.

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