Me Not You show off new track ‘Julia’

Me Not You are a New York based indie rock duo that have garnered critical acclaim, one hell of a following and the budding back catalogue to prove they’re worth it. Newest single ‘Julia’ is an incredibly personal track for the band, and the first cut from their upcoming and debut EP Reckoning 1. 


The track takes a grungey guitar and a 90s pop kind of vibe to the vocal that ultimately fuses into a piece of music that puts two fingers up to the idea of being labelled, even taking elements of heavy drums that are reminiscent of PVRIS’s first record White Noise. The initial beats of the song seem to allude to a different path to the one the track actually takes. The lyrics are very personal, and informal, as if a one sided conversation or a record of things left unsaid.

Give ‘Julia’ a listen here.

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