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Love Glow’s give us some tender pop with new track ‘Internet’

Love Glow are a four piece band with a couple of singles under their belt and now an EP too. Their newest single ‘Internet’ comes from the Honey EP. Honey is just a taste of what Love Glow can offer, with a full length in the works to follow up the EP they’ll be making waves soon.

The song treads the line between party and comedown. The chorus is soaring, the lyrics demanding action whether that be to twirl until you’re dizzy, sing along or just a little head bob while you’re stood around being a cool guy/gal.

On the other hand, a lot of elements seem subdued and have a reckless teenage spirit about them, contrasting the lyrics about falling asleep to the TV and not being alone because you have people on the internet.



Give ‘Internet’ a listen here and listen to the whole Honey EP here.

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