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Mojave Red’s psychedelic track ‘Fading Out’

Mojave Red are a psych-pop outfit hailing all the way from sunny Texas, USA. ‘Fading Out’ is their newest single following their debut EP Creeper that dropped way back in 2015. There’s an etherealness in the layering of the vocals that feels right with the lo-fi, chilled out pluck of guitar that accompanies it.

‘Fading Out’ sounds like it should be playing over a scene shot with a Super 8, on a beach as the sun is setting an people are laughing, playing frisbee or something with a campfire a few feet away. Yes, it’s that specific of an image, and the song ultimately makes me yearn for the beach despite the beaches here in northern England being a bit shite.


Give ‘Fading Out’ a listen here and tell me what images it conjures up for you.


2 comments on “Mojave Red’s psychedelic track ‘Fading Out’

  1. The last two sentences are perfect. Great track!

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