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Executive Toys show off their flair for the quirky with their debut album

I would normally fill this space here with a description of the band at hand that I’d written myself but quite frankly the biography Executive Toys sent over to me is so marvellous I needn’t bother trying to get on their level, instead I’ll show you what they said. ‘Tick, tock, tick, tock, squawk… From the scum of the great water, after the dredge, in the sludge, shiny happy little toys did remain. Many years passed. ..disguised as just another plaything, the toys arrived, in boxes, sweet little glittery pills, shiny, sparkling, addictive..

At first their charm was seductive, here a hypnogogic chorus from a Boston séance. There, a dreampop boxcar shampoo hook, sleepy Athens, Georgia style. But over the horizon, grinding T-Bone steak Jerry Lee rock n roll chops as big as your arm. EVERYWHERE, cold, lonely Wire synth washes, sprinkles, jabs and Prefab lilts Sprouting. At closer inspection there was cheese awwwn everything……Stories from before, during and after the days of the great plains were dreamed, modern day ghosts arrived in numbers, and from the vantage point of the cockpit of our super yacht, we watched on..

Executives played with the toys, they played and played, then they came alive ..and broke rank, exploding with mischievous energy, sparking, fizzlin, biting and kicking, and taking the suits down with ’em. As you might expect, Executive Toys are a decidedly New Wave proposition….’

You can’t argue with a write up like that, you also can’t argue with the undeniable strength of the opening track to this album Hiawatha’. It’s got a tinny, lo-fi kind of shuffle that makes it a real contender amongst some really high quality stuff on this album. The second song ‘Tecumseh’ has a real bit of Ian Curtis in it, which took a while to figure out but once you notice it, it sticks. The way the vocal echoes and the synths merge into it, creating a strange yet wonderful synergy is very much in the nature of Joy Division.

Running through ‘Don’t Point That Quill At Me’ and ‘Milk Toupee’ the eighties influences slip into the forefront of Executive Toys’ music, taking the dramatic flair of vocal, a little slap of funk and a sprinkling of tongue in cheek from the era. ‘Didn’t Do’ is my favourite from Executive Toys it has a French feeling in it, like a quirky little thing that would be played by fashionable young people on the streets of Cannes.

‘Films’ and ‘Town Centre’ are the perfect duo, acting as a one-two punch to close off the album. They have a beachy vibe with a loose bass line that then kicks into punchier guitar whilst ‘Town Centre really shows off the abilities of the band with bits of groove, rock, electro and indie all converging into a melting pot of musical fusion that is just as tasty as it sounds.

Give Executive Toys a listen when the album drops at midnight and check out the video for ‘Sunken Crate’ above.

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