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Kim Petras puts on her dancing shoes for ‘I Don’t Want It All’

Kim Petras here gives us a hit of straight pop sugary goodness, ready to be tapped right into your veins. It’s unashamed girl pop in its simplest form. The lyrics deal with the ideas of being young, free and of course, wanting it all and being able to live in excess. There’s a definite Charlie XCX, Marina and the Diamonds vibe from the song, with the cute, spoiled image that still looks sugary sweet.

There’s an interesting song behind Kim’s song too. Kim Petras has been the subject of international news long before she was making pop music, she underwent a gender transition at a young age and is generally accepted to be the world’s youngest transexual. After this she wrote ‘I Don’t Want It All’ about a trip to Sephora. “The cashier told my manager to ‘Just close ur eyes and swipe it, Sweetie’! I thought it was the sickest lyric and I wrote the song the next day. Sometimes, I fantasize about how it would be to get everything you want, whenever you want and this song is really an escape from reality for me.”

Have a listen of ‘I Don’t Want it All’ above and support Kim on her facebook page.

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