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Nothing but Thieves just get even better with ‘I’m Not Made By Design’

Alright, Nothing but Thieves are in fact my favourite band but that in no way detracts from how good their new album Broken Machine is going to be, or how incredible the three singles they’ve released from it have been. ‘Amsterdam’ was gripping and it was tense and it was moody, it was calculated in its similarities and differences to Nothing but Thieves’ first album. ‘Sorry’ undeniably stunning, it was a lot more human than perhaps anything the band had done before, and next comes ‘I’m Not Made By Design’.

I was lucky enough to hear this song live back in April when Nothing but Thieves made a trip up to Newcastle to Hit the North festival (review here), the show marked both the end of their self-titled era and the beginning of the Broken Machine era with songs like ‘Honey Whiskey’ being pulled out the set to make space for newer tracks. Live, the new single is just as sonically complex as it is in its studio recording, the difference however the moodiness isn’t there instead its replaced by a desperation, calling out lines like ‘Can you be, can you be satisfied?’


‘I’m Not Made By Design’ take a calculated step into the unknown for the band, lyrically it’s quite open for interpretation yet follows a lot of the wider themes that the first album did. Instrumentally Nothing but Thieves have knocked it out the ball park. It’s crisp down to the last note, every layer of sound stands alone solidly but what stands out time and time again is Dom Craik/Joe Langridge-Brown guitar duo. There’s something in the way they play that then forces each of them to up their game bit by bit until they reach great crashing riffs on the bridge.

Check out ‘I’m Not Made By Design’ here, which is from Nothing but Thieves’ second album, Broken Machine which you should totally pre-order, for release on 9th September.



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