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Men I Trust bring us back to the BMX days with new song ‘Tailwhip’

Men I Trust are a DIY indie trio from Montreal, Canada and not only are they incredibly talented, they’ve got the certificates to prove it. Dragos (keyboardist) in the process of obtaining his PhD in Music Recording whilst Jessy is a Jazz Guitar Bachelor. With such a range of talents and influences there’s no way to really pin down what Men I Trust do or what they’re capable of, but if their track record is anything to by then they’re destined for great things.

‘Tailwhip’ is a electro trip through this singular groove that steers the song through its diverse sonic soundscape. With the mention of old BMX stunts and IndieShuffle summed up the way the old school BMX move fits so well into the song. It’s the bittersweet excitement of pulling off the move, the song captures the energy of the move quite perfectly, with a kind of nostalgia for those days.

Have a listen of ‘Tailwhip’ here.

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