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Steve Benjamins brings us new track ‘Purification Ritual’

Steve Benjamins is a Toronto based singer/songwriter. With a haunting voice and a twang of Mumford and Sons about him, he’s bound to go far. Steve’s first single of 2017 ‘Silence’ was a runaway success for him, featuring on big Spotify playlists and racking up a whole 300,000 listens, and now he’s back with new single ‘Purification Ritual’. The new single has an inspiring story behind it too.

Steve says about ‘Purification Ritual’: “I once met a man going through rehab for his 14th time. Despite that, he seemed earnest and upbeat about his recovery. I found that very moving. This song isn’t about him, but it is about what his story came to mean to me.

To me, his story came to symbolize a broader truth: how we can cycle between hope and despair. How we pledge ourselves to do better but then fall down. How one day we feel strong and then very weak on another day. How a decade of happiness can unravel in a year of despair. It’s not necessarily manic— it’s just human. It’s the way of hearts. And isn’t it very beautiful for someone to get back up after being knocked down? To ask for help? To attempt renewal? To persevere in spite of evidence to the contrary?”

Watch the video above and listen to ‘Purification Ritual’ here.

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