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New Music Friday

A weekly roundup is a bit new to Peanut Mixtape, I can’t promise I’ll continue them on too much but here’s the deal, there’s too much good music and I work too much therefore if it all gets smushed together into one big post then we satisfy both needs without compromising either topic. Without further delay, here is our weekly roundup of everything I’ve listened to this week.

  1. Shuffle Baby ‘Get That Gold’: This is well jazzy and not to be slept on. It’s got a sprinkling of ‘Uptown Funk’ but with a synth pop base layer for it to stand on. Shuffle Baby are a band from up in Bergen, Norway. It’s a retro synth-driven pop song at its core, within a guitar rock-framework. An unapologetic flashy track inspired by the shamelessness of 80s pop rock and the song just begs to get you on your feet. Have a listen here.
  2. Organised Scum ‘Consultants of Swing’: Another Northern band? Yes, alright sorry (not really). Organised Scum aren’t quite the scuzzy hard rock band you’re thinking of right now, the name is quite misleading. They’re an indie rock outfit and ‘Consultants of Swing’ is a nice, drifting, calm track by them, you can almost picture it playing as you cook some good pasta in a dimly lit kitchen. The song has a beat that makes hips naturally sway to it whilst the vocals are laidback. Have a listen here.
  3. Bien ‘Electric Dream’: “‘Electric Dream’ was inspired by our return to Prince’s music following his death,” recalls Bien. “We wanted to write about those brief dreamlike magical moments in a relationship when everything seems perfect. The production goal was make make it feel as funky as possible with as few elements as possible.” The minimalist side to the song is certainly achieved in style, the vocal melodies make the song sound as big as ever without the need of over lavished instrumentation. Have a listen here.
  4. Wy ‘You + I’: Wy are a Swedish duo, and they take a beautifully ghostly approach to their song ‘You + I’. They say that the song is about “what it’s like being a couple when both struggle with social anxiety. It’ about being uncomfortable around every person except one, and being each others safety zone.” Saddest song are often the best, and Wy are here to prove it. Have a listen here.
  5. Even As We Speak ‘Such a Good Feeling’: The name Even As We Speak might ring some bells for a couple of people, formed back in the 1980s they were a favourite of John Peel, going on to record three sessions for the legend. Following the cult status Sarah Records achieved, the band have come back to the limelight with newest single ‘Such a Good Feeling’ which is just the retro feelgood hit you were looking for as the nights draw in. Have a listen here.

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