Will Crerar shows off remarkable debut demos

Soundcloud on a sunday night has never looked so promising as it does tonight. Will Crerar, a nineteen year old from Newcastle has released his debut demo, marking the beginning of his public work on music, stepping away from film making if only for a second to show off what he can do with a guitar and a spare afternoon or two.

The demo is a Beach Boys cover yet Crerar’s style is heavily influenced by Paul McCartney and Sufjan Stevens which is evident from the nostalgic twang of guitar and gentle nature of the guitar playing. Despite only being an instrumental the track is uplifting and almost cinematic, with an informal ease to it, especially in the final seconds when Crerar can be heard breathing and saying ‘Christ’ as the track ends but then again this is just a demo.

Have a listen of ‘Can’t Wait Too Long’ here.

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