The Hoosiers make a welcome return to Newcastle for The Trick to Life’s 10th Anniversary

The Hoosiers career has been, as put by the band themselves, a bumpy road. From their humble beginnings in 2005 when there was an indie pop infection making its way across the UK, to their most recently three albums, all self-funded. The Trick to Life was a runaway success with singles like ‘Goodbye Mr A’ and ‘Worried About Ray’ getting seemingly endless radio play over the summer of 2007. It seems only fitting that they return to the venue they played on the 2007 tour of The Trick to Life .

Sticking to the primary colours theme of The Trick to Life  the band all emerge (the running order a little different to that ten years ago) in red, blue, green and yellow suits. There may be a few grey hairs here and there but the band retain their quirkiness and Irwin Sparks remains the zany front man as makes his way round the stage dancing while he plays.

There were a few worried looks from the crowd when less than a third of the way through the set all three of the bands biggest hits had been and gone without a hitch. Where a lot of indie bands grow tired of the material that brought them to the limelight, The Hoosiers lap up the attention it’s given them and only feed back more energy as the set goes on.


After the band run through The Trick to Life they move onto more recent material which while upbeat, didn’t really do much. Few people knew the words and perhaps it would’ve been wiser to slot these tracks between ones from The Trick to Life rather than segregate them. The Hoosiers pulled the audience’s attention back with a cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ followed by a lovably cheesy rendition of ‘We Didn’t Light the Fire’, all truly in the name of nostalgia.

The final song is the band’s only commercially successful single following The Trick to Life, ‘Choices’. From the opening chords the crowd were back on their side, bouncing to the chorus and reliving their early teenage years. Despite looking like the show had peaked early with ‘Goodbye Mr A’, ‘Worried About Ray’ and ‘Cops and Robbers’ being played early but The Hoosiers pulled it back right at the end to finish on a high.

It’s clear that this gig wasn’t part of, as I feared, a farewell tour, but rather a trip down memory lane. Whilst it was clear that the tour was designed with nostalgia seekers in mind, from the fact that the album was played front to back like many of the people in the crowd would’ve heard in when they bought the album a decade ago, to the pre-show playlist featuring all the songs that were hits in 2007.

We had a chat with Alan from The Hoosiers earlier in the year, give it a little read here.

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