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Don Broco invite us on a dark trip with ‘Come Out to LA’

Don Broco

With their third album Technology‘s release being almost upon us, Don Broco have time to drop one last song before the big day comes. Previous singles ‘Stay Ignorant’ and ‘T-Shirt Song’ went down ridiculously well, along with their sell out Alexandria Palace show at the end of 2017. These new tunes have taken a side step to previous Don Broco albums, taking the heavier elements of Priorities and the synths of Automatic, but with a pop punk sensibility.


The new song ‘Come Out to LA’ goes through the media industry in the US, half tongue in cheek. The sound is abrasive, it’s the furthest from the ‘slick’ sound of the previous album that we’ve heard yet from the Don Broco boys. Following the theme of recent videos including a crazy cowboy and a staged wedding massacre, ‘Come Out to LA’ is no different.

The video has some series Terminator themes when poor Rob is killed and brought back from the dead with the metal eye and everything, knocking Matt (who had his fifteen minutes of fame as the lead singer) back to his drumkit. As it goes on there’s a nod to ‘Everybody’ with a cameo from the cowboy before the final act where there’s an Indiana Jones style meltdown. Have a watch below.

‘Come Out to LA’ is available to stream here. Don Broco’s third studio album is to be released on February 2nd via SharpTone Records.

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