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The Hunna ‘Dare’ to rock Bristol.

Building up to their second studio album, Dare, the Hunna have embarked on a tour of the UK. Ryan Potter and co. swept through the O2 Academy in Bristol on the second night of the tour.

Flanked by Coasts and Night Riots, the Hunna delivered a high-octane and upbeat set in front a raucous Bristol crowd.

Opening the set with the first single from their new album, the Hunna set a enthusiastic and lively atmosphere for the gig that they managed to retain throughout the majority of the evening, even keeping people on board through lesser known tunes like ‘Sycamore Tree’.


In a move that surprised me, the band powered through their most popular hits before the encore, with ‘She’s Casual’, ‘Rock My Way’ and ‘Bonfire’ coming simultaneously to round out the major part of the show. Many chose to neglect the intricate and developed lyrics that the Hunna employ in their music to scream songs at the top of their lungs, but at least people are into it, right?

The encore opened with ‘Y.D.W.I.W.M’, which is a new tune that is unreleased as of yet, and they followed it with ‘Flickin’ Your Hair’, another new song from the new album. Nobody knew the lyrics to either song but it didn’t stop the majority of people in attendance from feeling the music and letting loose like the rest of the gig that had come before.

The Hunna turned it round to finish the gig with their most recent single, and title track of the new album, ‘Dare’. The Manchester-based four piece threw heart and soul into every single note in what was just the second night of their new tour.

The Hunna merged the work of their first and second album seamlessly, with the fact that their sound hasn’t really changed in the seven months since 100‘s full release. Their decision to release their second album so soon after their first has divided opinion, with some fans worrying that they will burn themselves out, whilst others are welcoming new music with open arms.

The Hunna’s second studio album, Dare, is due to be released on the 25th May, and you can catch the title track here.

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