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Fortnightly Roundup

A fair few bands and artists alike have been kicking off the new year with a bang and to say it’s been a struggle to keep up is a bit of an understatement so without further ado, here is our fortnightly roundup of what we (and you) have missed so far in 2018.

Børns Blue Madonna: The sophomore album of Michigan’s synth-pop dream, Garrett Børns. This second album is quite a follow up, with plenty of smooth soul vocals to go round and a Lana Del Ray feature that’ll make your heart sing. Børns seems to be channelling his inner Prince. There’s elements of Dopamine era Børns here but overall the album is step forward, leaving behind the naive joy of the first album to come into a darker, more confidently sexual period of his career. Spin the record here.

Nasaya ft. Myra ‘Snow’: Coming all the way from Madagascar, the track talks about the inevitable hurt of hiding things in a relationship and the odd sense of nostalgia for those sorts of relationships. With expert mixing the track drifts through layers of sound like layers of consciousness to create an chilling echo effect. Give it a listen here.

VITO ‘Get It and Go’: Another group of lads from Newcastle that have hit the post Britpop nail on the head. Channelling The Hives and The Strokes there’s nothing not to like here with newest track ‘Get It and Go’ even featuring a show I was lucky enough to attend in the video. Having self-proclaimed a ‘no frills’ ethos, it’s clear that the band put in a shift to be producing music like this from their own homes so as the year goes on keep an eye out for what they can do with more time and money, it’ll probably blow your socks off.

Natalie Shay ‘This Feeling’: Natalie Shay has an unusually long list of achievements for a nineteen year old. She’s been championed by the BRIT school, the Guardian and even played with Soul II Soul and Glen Matlock, so I guess everyone can’t be wrong about her? Newest single ‘This Feeling’ is a punchy, upbeat number that sees her tread into indie grounds with a cautious step, but it looks promising. Have a listen to ‘This Feeling’ from January 19th.

Monti ‘Echo’: Monti tells a powerful story about making it against the odds. A story she knows all too well having lived off and on the streets after dodging foster care as a child. The video is an equally moving part of the song, following Reggie a student, who like Monti is making it against the odds, gettingup early for trains and buses the college every day only to have to come home and work graveyard shifts to afford his education. This is an important listen all round. Watch here.

MGMT ‘Hand It Over’: It’s been a while for some of indie’s longest standing heroes, even if they no longer want to be indie’s heroes. Their fourth studio album Little Dark Age is due for release in February it’s speculated, with very little actually being known about the album. The track ‘Hand It Over’ is cosmic, it’s trippy, it’s melancholy, it’s fantastical, it’s everything you’d expect of MGMT. Listen here.

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