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Fall Out Boy unveil a video for ‘Wilson’ ahead of MANIA release

Fall Out Boy are back for the second act of their resurrection and they’re almost set for a fall. As with all great tragedies, there must be a fall from grace and unfortunately the stage is set for Patrick Stump and co. here. 2015’s American Beauty/American Psycho was a little hit and miss following the hugely successful Save Rock and Roll. The newest track, and final single before the album drop next week, appears to be the only saving grace this time.

‘Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)’ is nothing new for Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz lets his inner emo kid (and everyone else’s) out to complain that he’ll ‘stop wearing black when they make a darker colour’ and spin the same line about wanting to run away as every other pop punk band still going in 2018. Overall the song is still complete easy listening for new and old fans, but it’s a little vacuous for the old fans.

The video attempts to pull in the older fans with easter eggs of the first era of Fall Out Boy with the jacket from ‘Dance, Dance’, Patrick’s missing hand from the Save Rock and Roll music videos and some puns about an arms race. It also pulls again on the band’s open contempt for the world. It’s alright as Fall Out Boy goes, it’s probably better than the rest of M A N I  A but don’t look too deep or you’ll get disappointed. Have a listen here.

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