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Wild Child – Back and Forth

Ahead of their upcoming fourth full length album Expectations, Austin-based seven-piece Wild Child shared two new singles.

Produced by Max Frost, the first track ‘Sinking Ships’ tells the story of dealing with a situation that seems too good to be true, but taking a step back and losing yourself in the experience.

The second track, ‘Back and Forth’, was produced by Matthew Logan Vasquez, and is notably bouncier track. With warm vocals and a gripping brass line, the song is about knowing when to take a step back from someone who isn’t fully committed, with the line: “Back and forth, gotta keep it inside/Act like giving me your all is a crime”.

Citing Aretha Franklin’s ‘Think’ and Nina Simone’s ‘I Wish I Know How It Would Feel To Be Free’ as influences for the track, there’s a hint of a Motown vibe to the upbeat track. This is especially noticeable with the aforementioned brass lines and string lines, which build as the track progresses.

The indie-pop outfits’ fourth full-length Expectations is due out on February 9th via Dualtone Records. In the meantime, you can listen to the wonderful tracks ‘Sinking Ship’ and ‘Back and Forth’ here:

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