The Night Café rock Think Tank? on their UK Tour

Liverpool outfit The Night Café rocked up at Think Tank? in Newcastle for the final night of their first headline tour on Monday evening.

The smallest venue I’ve ever been in, dubbed the ‘tank of dreams’ by PLAZA’s frontman Bradley Lennard, was packed full for the sold-out gig and was buzzing with anticipation for the night ahead.

Supported by Paris Youth Foundation and Hartlepool outfit PLAZA, who were both excellent, The Night Café finally emerged to the sound of ‘When The Going Gets Tough’.

The quartet kicked off their set with ‘The Way of Mary’, and the crowd burst into life singing along not only with the lyrics but also the guitar.

The band navigated their way though their back catalogue as they transitioned straight into newer track ‘Felicity’ before introducing themselves to the captive audience. ‘Together’ was next on the setlist, before they played one of two new songs they played from their upcoming second EP, to be released in April.

Sandwiched between the two new tracks was ‘Strange Clothes’, before the Scouse indie delights played indie banger and anthem of my life ‘Addicted’.

The band moved into the infectious ‘Mixed Signals’, the crowd echoing the cutting lyrics: ‘I didn’t think that I didn’t need you/I just got fucked and you made the decisions/You went and changed and you didn’t need me’, before finishing with their latest single ‘Turn’.

Shouts of ‘TNC! TNC! TNC’ rang round the venue as the band emerged for their encore, ‘You Change With The Seasons’. Think Tank? was most definitely bouncing as the four Liverpudlians played the final song of their tour.

The Night Café will be joining The Wombats on their tour commencing in Brussels on the 4th March.

You can listen to The Night Café here:

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