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Youth Killed It ask ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’

Youth Killed It

Youth Killed It’s newest single ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ seems apt. It’s two in the afternoon and I’m in my pyjamas, half a tube of pringles down. It’s Tuesday. I digress, the single is about when you get caught up in life, step back and can’t see where things began to go downhill.

‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ feels raw. It’s not quite the typical story of life not being quite what it cracked up to be. The song hits the nail on the head depicting life in early twenties. There’s an admittance that we knew things were spiralling out of control for a long time. It’s not just blaming the big man or bad relationships, it’s just life in our generation.


The single is bittersweet, for a topic where it’s easy to be angry about the hand you’ve been dealt in life. Singer Jack Murphy takes an almost ashamed tone which makes this track so bittersweet.

There’s new side to Youth Killed It with a distinct vulnerability, which is new for wisecracking Murphy. Lines like ‘I feel used and abused and I guess it was something I subconsciously knew’ make it clear that the song builds on everyday fears and doubts.

The band sums up the track best. The lyrics depict the life of too many people in our generation are that of “big dreams and believe we can be anything we want, when in actual fact, reality hits us harder when we take our first big steps out in the real world.”

‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ is available for listening here. Youth Killed It are also playing Nambucca in London on April 14th therefore if you’re in the area and like what you hear then grab a ticket here.

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