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Don Broco knock it out the park for ‘Technology’

The Bedford massive return for an exceptional third album.

NB Disclaimer: Yes I’m three months late to this. No, I don’t care, if you do then take it up with your local representative.

It’s been years since the Peanut Mixtape offices first heard Don Broco, back in Year 10 when iTunes free single of the week was still a thing. Early single ‘Let’s Go Back to School’ went down well and now five years, three albums down we’re still listening. But what makes Technology stand out?

The real trick here is that this new sound Don Broco have come out with is that it’s not new at all. If you take the riffs from Priorities and the groove from Automatic then you get a little baby Technology. 

The production is new, and Bedford’s finest have been clever enough to take the best of their back catalogue and play to their strengths. Following 2016’s ‘Everybody’ the band stuck to the very tongue in cheek public image. They’ve gone as far as staging bassist Tom’s wedding for the ‘Pretty’ music video.

Despite deep cuts of synths throughout the album it’s pretty clear that Don Broco still have the rock scene wrapped around their little finger, especially after their legendary Reading and Leeds secret set in 2017.

If this were Pokemon I think it’d be safe to say that Don Broco have reached their third evolution. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the biggest strengths of the band is Rob Damiani’s abilities as not only a singer but an entertainer.

He has an air Robbie Williams, a cheeky chap that knows how to keep the fans on their toes. The whole band are fully formed rockstars in their own right but Damiani knows how to work a room, just look at the ’T-Shirt Song’ video and see.

More than ever Broco appear to be aware of their live performance with this album. Little things like the five second intro of hi-hats in ’T-Shirt Song’ are no doubt used as an opportunity for the crowd to arrange into pits before the intense, heavy guitar riff comes pounding in.

With the line ‘There’s only one song left’ it’s clear that ’T-Shirt Song’ would become their new set closer. The majestic trumpets at the end give the perfect close to a show. At least the main show anyway, nothing will beat ‘Thug Workout’ in the encore.

Where previous albums have focused on relationships and love, Technology takes a broader subject matter. ‘Stay Ignorant’ is about how globally people are dying for reason and in the West we just overlook it’. ‘Good Listener’ targets corporations for spying on it’s users and ‘Porkies’ fires shots at politicians.

The best hidden gem from the album is ‘Tightrope’. It’s one of less than half of the songs that didn’t get an early release. At half way through the album it’s well worth the wait. It’s a heartbreaking story behind the song, about a distant family member who found out in his fifties that he had a brother that had mental disabilities. His parent’s couldn’t deal with the disruption it caused in the family and eventually had to give him away. The ‘Tightrope’ is about people only having some much to give emotionally.

Don Broco have shed their skin and been reborn out of the Cheeky Nandos era. They’ve come out bigger, better and more serious. Technology is not only musically but also lyrically deeper and darker than anything the band have released before, and that is not to be missed.

Go give Technology a spin right here. Catch Don Broco live as they hit European festivals over the summer. We’ll be down the front when they support 30 Seconds to Mars in Newcastle.

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