The Wombats bop their way through town on their BPWRYL Tour

Indie mainstays took a trip to Newcastle on their most recent UK tour in support of their fourth album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’, read our review of the album here.

After over a decade on the scene it’s safe to say that The Wombats know how to put on a show, hitting every spot delving into every corner of their back catalogue to put together a composite set of fan favourites.

London outfit Bloxx opened and received a good reception from the Newcastle crowd, moving through their set without a hitch. Next up were Scouse indie delights The Night Café, The Wombats opting to bring along home grown talent. Fresh from a headline tour of their own, The Night Café’s emergence was greeted with cheers from the crowd.

They started their set with ‘Felicity’, moving straight into their second song ‘Together’. The Liverpool outfit then played indie banger and anthem of my life ‘Addicted’, a song to which almost everyone bopped along. They then played ‘Turn’, their latest single, before playing ‘Mixed Signals’. The foursome ended their short set with ‘You Change With The Seasons’, departing the stage to applause.

The band bounced on stage with a flourish, opening with big number ‘Cheetah Tongue’ from the newest album. The song set a precedent for the set going forward with big productions, glitter streamers firing after the second euphoric chorus.

Fan favourites ‘Give Me a Try’ and ‘1996’ come in quick succession next, if there was ever any doubt that The Wombats may be fading like most of the bands that came to popularity at the same time as them, this doubt has been firmly removed by the hits they’re turning out like tricks.

The rest of the set flows well, every song, including the newest ones, got the same reaction from the mass of turbulent teens and young adults. Between giant balloons being launched into the crowd, singalong choruses and glistening synths the crowd bounce and bop their way through the ninety minute trip through The Wombats’ greatest hits.

The band come out for a victory lap, performing fast favourite ‘Turn’ which f.y.i sounds just as good live, and ‘Greek Tragedy’, giving a final bow and vanishing from the stage in the pitch black like the synth wizards they are.

Give ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ a listen here and be sure to catch The Wombats as festival season approaches, nothing beats bopping about to ‘Moving to New York’ in the sun with your mates, trust me.

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