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Spring King burst back with Animal

Spring King

Manchester’s Spring King make a welcome to return to the scene with new single ‘Animal’, the follow up to their 2016 debut album ‘Tell Me If You Want To’. With a debut album chock-a-block with gnarly riffs and enough groove to sink your teeth into, the band had a lot to live up to. Fear not though, ‘Animal’ does not disappoint.

‘Animal’ is a rip-roaring rollercoaster clocking in at a mere 2:57. The song still takes us on the ride of our lives all the same. The verse has some real Queens of the Stone Age vibes with unrelenting guitars, but when the chorus kicks in it’s a whole new story. Synths come gliding over the guitars and smooth out to a a jangling sing-along with backing vocals chiming in ‘woahs’.

The accompanying video takes a turn for the grizzly. It depicts a science experiment gone wrong interjected with performance scenes where the band begin to go round the bend and footage of a doll blowing up (which is far less kinky than it seems.) The video is a clear allusion to be treated like an animal. It’s a creepy but well received message.

Check out ‘Animal’ here. Be sure to catch Spring King on their September/October UK tour too. We’ll see you down the front at Think Tank.

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