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The Pale White play a blinder with ‘Peace of Mind’

the pale white

Newcastle’s Finest and Peanut Mixtape regulars, The Pale White have knocked it out the park for newest single ‘Peace of Mind’. The song alludes to slipping behind and always being at arm’s reach from getting peace of mind.

With a budding reputation for rip-roaring rock and roll the trio certainly do not disappoint with the new track. Jangling guitars and guttural bass play to the band’s favour with the lyrics being catchy and to the point, bouncing round your head for the full three and a half minutes.

Speaking about the new single, Adam says “Our second offering this year. Let it rip through the bone-structured cage, which cradles the unpredictable and often misunderstood muscle that is the human brain. We are vultures circling our own demise, until we choose to regain consciousness.”

Give “Peace of Mind’ a listen here.

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