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The Old Pink House kick off summer with new track ‘Jaded’

The Old Pink House

Do you like your bops dreamy? Glistening and with a side of singalong choruses? If you do you’re in luck. Newcastle’s prodigal sons, The Old Pink House have released new track ‘Jaded’. It doesn’t disappoint.

The band are self-proclaimed as cosmic pop. Fear not if the thought of intergalactic hotel and casino complexes still has you reeling, The Old Pink House are here to restore your faith in all things astral. The new track is a upbeat number featuring a chorus littered with ‘oooh’s and catchy lyrics bound to go down a treat, especially live.

The vocals on ‘Jaded’ are haunting. Ghosting backing vocals push the song safely into dreamier territory though this is plain sailing for the band now. Christopher Brown proves himself time and time again to be a skilled songwriter.

Brown explained the lyrics behind the single and he said: ““Jaded is about how things we go through wear us down. I’m naturally a pessimistic person and the lyrics are shot through with that sense of cynicism. At the same time I’m always trying to peel away at it traps us in a vicious cycle where we become more and more numb to everything around us. With the way everything in the world is going now, it’s the last thing anyone needs.”

Give the track a listen here then let us know what you think with a comment. In addition to the single the band have also made a live announcement. The Old Pink House are also playing their largest headline show to date in August (how exciting) so grab a ticket here. We’ll see you down the front at The Cluny, yeah?.


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