Little Comets’ homecoming celebration

Little Comets, Newcastle.

Hometown heroes, Little Comets rounded up their UK tour in Newcastle last month. With help from The Old Pink House and Mattie Vant, Little Comets are the epitome of keeping it in the family. Even the playlist for between sets other much loved local stars like Maximo Park and Sam Fender. The tour comes after the release of their fourth album, Worhead.

The Old Pink House delivered a dazzlingly dreamy set including newest single ‘Expectations’. Mattie Vant however, gave a more raw set. Vant played new material on this tour for the first time since VANT split in late 2017.

Little Comets opened with ‘Bridge Burn’ which was met with a roaring sing along. Live rarities like ‘Semaphores on the Lawn’ (much to my delight) crop up throughout the set.

As the show goes on the crowd comes alive to favourites like ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Adultery’. Both new songs ‘M62’ and ‘The Punk Is In the Detail’ featured in the set, and were met with great admiration from the crowd.

Early tracks like ‘Adultery’ whip the crowd up into a frenzy of jumping bodies. The jarring opening lines of lyrics rolling naturally off the tongue of Coles who must have played the song hundreds of times in his career.

By the time that ‘The Blur, The Lines and The Thickest of Onions’ rolls by the mood in the room is sombre but there’s a round of applause for the verse referring to women’s rights. The lyrics are telling of the current political climate despite the song being nearly four years old.

Little Comets have had a career spanning almost a decade. This includes singing in lecture theatres, on metros and giving bands like The 1975 and Catfish and the Bottlemen breaks. Little Comets’ homecoming show has solidified them as heroes of the North East.

The true appeal of Little Comets is that they’re an everyman band. They’re normal, they have wives, kids and semi-detached houses most likely. Rob Coles is neither shy nor an entertainer he’s just a man with a guitar and songs to sing. They’re a band for the people.

As the show is coming to a close Little Comets remind us of where they are now with recent single ‘Hunting’. They then take us back to where it all began, playing their first single ‘One Night in October’.

There’s a warmth and nostalgia in the room, the crowd bathed in the soft glow of the stage lights as everyone reminisces about the the times they’ve heard the song before, but this doesn’t hang about for long as ‘Dancing Song’ comes next as part of a one-two jab, finishing the set on adrenaline fuelled high.

Give Little Comets’ newest singles a listen here.

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