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lovelytheband’s heartfelt summer anthem ‘these are my friends’

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Los Angeles three piece lovelytheband have just dropped their most recent single ‘these are my friends’. The song punctuates a successful twelve months for the band, having only released their first single 10 months ago, yet already reaching number one on the billboard alternative charts, where currently still resides. In addition the band also have a busy summer of festivals ahead of them.

The song throws back to the late 2000s radio-friendly indie that everyone knows and, more importantly, loves. Think Phoenix’s ‘Lisztomania’ or Passion Pit’s ‘Cry Like a Ghost’. Lovelytheband prove that less is more with a sparse soundscape leaving what’s there to really stand out, like the drum under the verse beating like a heartbeat.


‘these are my friends’ is a bittersweet yet hopeful track. The lyrics can tell two stories depending on how you take them. The first is sweet, Mitchy Collins declaring his love for his friends who he loves and who love and support him. Ultimately, they give him the support he needs through emotional difficulty.

The second possibility is a little darker, alluding to the voices in his head being Collins’ friends. Particularly the ‘they don’t care who you are’ becoming heartbreaking, mental illness hitting him, not caring who it affects. The possibility of him being so alone as to call the voices friends is equally morose.

The reality of the lyrics, says Collins, is a mixture. He loves his friends, peers and even his mental illness as they all made him who he is today. The lyrics and delivery are so conversational that they just work, no gimmicks required.

Give ‘these are my friends’ a listen right here also tell us what you think. If you’re reading this from sunny USA go check out lovelytheband, they hit the road with AWOLNATION next month.

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