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The Kooks make a welcome return for their fifth studio album

The Kooks

If Michael Buble comes alive in the winter, just in time for Christmas then Luke Pritchard is his opposite, thawing out just in time to take over the airway throughout the summer. So right on que, The Kooks are back with two new tracks and news of their fifth studio album, aptly named Let’s Go Sunshine. 

Prichard has said that the new album goes back to the ‘old’ Kooks sound, scrapping the new sound that came with 2014’s Listen. He saidThis one was about defining who we are.  We were asking the questions. It was a fractured start.

We went into the studio in 2015, continuing down the path we set out on our last studio album Listen and discovered it wasn’t what we wanted to make and wasn’t really The Kooks. So we scrapped it and started again.”

The two new tracks that are available for streaming are called ‘No Pressure’ and ‘All The Time’. The first is a laid back number about a casual relationship with ‘no pressure’. There’s something that feels timeless and classic about the song from the first listen.

‘All The Time’ takes a different turn. A slick riff and full bodied drums are wrapped up in a neat bow of Pichard’s honey sweet vocals. The tracklist for Let’s Go Sunshine has also been released. It shows the album to be 15 songs long. It even features a track called ‘Tesco Disco’ (which I am personally very intrigued about).

Give the two songs a listen here and pre-order Lets Go Sunshine now, ready for release 31st August. By pre-ordering in the UK you also get a pre-sale code for an upcoming intimate UK tour.

2 comments on “The Kooks make a welcome return for their fifth studio album

  1. I like the new tunes!

    • Same! I’m so glad to see them back on the guitars after ‘Listen’

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