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Run Maggie Run’s new track ‘Endlessly’

Formed in late 2015, Run Maggie Run began as the solo project of singer/rhythm guitarist Gavin Rees. The band was named after a childhood memory filled with nostalgia and rose-tinted sadness. The band are back following their 2017 eponymous debut album, with new track ‘Endlessly’.

When the band came together for their debut album it became clear what their sound would be. Rees nailed the band’s emotional feel with his debut EP but when the other four came in, the fuller, more rich sound that surrounded the emotion the lyrics display.

The band say: “Our debut, self-titled album is of a different era. Since its release, we’ve had a major lineup change, added a variety of new sounds to our repertoire, and have all grown so much – both individually and collectively.

These developments, along with the experience gained from the first record, have us very excited for this next chapter in our career. No song better signifies this change than “Endlessly.”

We wrote this tune during the first few months following the lineup change, and the success of writing it definitely helped push us through that awkward, transitional phase. Arguably, it’s what gave us the confidence to keep moving forward.”

The track is bittersweet one, laced with hints of Peace and Swim Deep. It’s clear where the band have grown with the addition of new members, the sounds growing bigger and more ambitious throughout the song as the vocals become more emboldened.

Give the song a listen here and give the band some support on their socials.

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