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You’ve probably already heard but The 1975 are back!

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The 1975 are back, but you already knew that because you don’t live under a fucking rock. Their new single, called ‘Give Yourself a Try’ comes ahead of new album A Brief Enquiry into Online Relationships. The album is part of a ‘Music for Cars’ era that also features a second album Notes on a Conditional Form.

The song is a step in a new direction for The 1975. ‘Give Yourself a Try’ isn’t quite the bombastic precursor of indie trends to come that ‘Love Me’ was for I Like It When You Sleep.. in 2016. Instead the track is more understated. There’s elements of classic indie from Joy Division style riffs to a Phoenix-like shuffle.

This new era of The 1975 is very tongue in cheek, it’s pretentious and it’s overly confident at times but it’s a true reflection of what it’s representing: life in your 20s. The lyrics are a conversational, frank look back at Healy’s 20s. The line about being spiritually enlightened by the age of 29 being particularly resonant. 2018 is the year of Healy’s 29th birthday.

A whole range of topics are approached throughout the song are wide. There’s talk of teenage suicide, Healy’s drug addiction and how getting STDs at 27 really isn’t the vibe. It seems to be serious and poking fun at the media portrayal of this generation and the band themselves, in equal measures.

Give the song a listen here. Keep an eye out the band’s social channels for news. Photo creds: Gary Mathers

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