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Youth Killed It ask ‘What’s so Great, Britain?’

Youth Killed It follow up on ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ with new single ‘”What’s so Great, Britain?’, a scathing criticism of the current state of Great Britain. The band are Peanut Mixtape favourites and for good reason with singles like this. ‘What’s so Great, Britain?’ comes following the exciting news that Youth Killed It have been selected to play the This Feeling stage at Isle of Wight festival this year.

The single examines post-Brexit Britain and peers into the ‘old fashioned’ views that drag us down and how society is changing in front us. The song indirectly references the likes of Tommy Robinson, Brexit and the Tories.

The bouncy indie melodies offset the heavier lyrical content. As always Youth Killed It approach their subject matter with a pinch of salt. Jack Murphy’s vocals are upbeat with clean delivery.


As Youth Killed It move further away from their debut album Modern Bollotics it’s become abundantly clear that they’re here to stay with both introspective and extrospective songs examining all aspects of life in an articulate way.

The more they move into political songs the stronger the band appear to get, maintaining their cool whilst telling some difficult truths.

Give the track a listen here and show the boys some love on their socials. Catch them at Tramlines and Isle of Wight festival this summer. Photo Creds: Ray Roberts


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