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Girli bites back with new single ‘Day, Month, Second’

Pop rebel and pink loving feminist icon Girli releases new track ‘Day, Month, Second’. Her music is pop that bites. Unabashed and unafraid, this new track goes out to everyone getting over a shitty boy.

The new sound that comes with the new single is part of what has been described by the lady herself as ‘Girli 2.0’. The sound is more poppy, moving away from more techno sounds and spoken word lyrics whilst still keeping the down to earth, funny lyrics.


Girli reclaims a lot of the elements of indie and punk that are more typically associated with men. She’s funny and she’s crude and she’s sarcastic. She’ll remind you of the likes of Lady Sovereign and even has that signature P!nk lip curl nailed.

Give ‘Day, Month, Second’ a listen here.

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