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Deaf Havana come back as sinners for new album ‘Rituals’.

Deaf Havana have announced their fourth studio album, the follow up to All These Countless Nights. Having undergone the now run of the mill social blackout the band teased their comeback with a clip of their third album’s title disappearing into flames.

The burning of All These Countless Nights is more than symbolic as the band make an obvious and drastic move away from their heavy indie, Brit rock roots to deliver ‘Sinner’. The new track is a complete change, the artwork and logo are all new not to mention the music itself.

The song is a upbeat number with pianos and synths layered between guitar grooves and  James Veck-Gilodi’s signature vocals. The lyrics are the only thing that still seem very typical of the band. They delve into talk of religion and salvation as the band have covered numerous times before but there’s a happy acceptance here that we haven’t seen from Deaf Havana before.

Give the track a listen here and be sure to go and pre-order ‘Rituals’.

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