Lewis Capaldi’s heartfelt new track ‘Tough’

Scotland’s finest Lewis Capaldi releases new single ‘Tough’. The single comes a few months after ‘Rush’ and just in time for festival season. Capaldi is a born performer, having sang for almost his entire life, coasting between Queen, Slipknot and McFly throughout the years.


Newest single ‘Tough’ is a heartbreak song. The singer said: “For me it’s a song about trying to move on after a relationship. I was coming from a place where the worst was over in terms of missing someone and being heartbroken.

I was one hundred percent ready to move on, but there are still these remnants of that person hanging around in the back of my mind. So the song is about getting on with things, wrestling with your head, and trying to get to a point where you can find normality and learn to be on your own again.”

In terms of listening, the song is bittersweet. It’s hopeful yet undeniably melancholy. Capaldi’s vocals are deeply moving and empathetic for anyone else who’s hurting. The song builds around his strong vocal performance, framing the lyrics in moody guitars.

Give ‘Tough’ a listen here.



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