Sunset Sons release new track ‘Running Man’

Sunset Sons have returned to release new music for the first time in nearly two years. ‘Running Man’ comes from the hotly anticipated The River EP. 

For a band that came together by chance, the theme of ‘Running Man’ is fitting. It’s a hard but hopeful track about being able to keep going through everything life throws at you. It’s a stones throw from where Very Rarely Say Die left off.

‘Running Man’ feels more mature than other Sunset Sons material in the way the lyrics are presented and the tight instrumental. There’s a great depth to the sound, moving between striking guitars and melancholic pianos as the band have always done so effortlessly.

Frontman Rory Williams said: “This track is our story of the band. The need and want at times to go home when shit hits the fan, but you don’t. Missing your friends and family, but pursuing your love no matter how hard it can be at times … Sticking to your guns even if everyone around you thinks you’re mental. Sometimes it’s easier to go back but forwards is all we know….”

Give ‘Running Man’ a listen here. The River EP is due for release on 6th July via LAB Records.

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