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Sam Fender sends a bleak warning with ‘Leave Fast’

Sam Fender’s back after ‘Friday Fighting’ with slower, new number ‘Leave Fast’. The song is a warning, to ‘leave fast, or stay forever’. It takes slower tone with Fender’s longing vocals over a reverb laden backing.

‘Leave Fast’ is haunting.┬áIt tackles the small town values held in the North East and how opportunities to leave don’t present themselves often here therefore when they occur you have to pack your bags and get going. The story is ‘archetypal’ as the man himself puts it. More than just the North East, the track goes into general UK life at the moment and giving yourself a life outside of small towns or dead end jobs in Tory Britain.

‘Leave Fast’ is particularly sad in the way it plays off the two ideals of being from the North East. There’s pride in having Northern roots and knowing you’ve made your own way in life but then there’s a bittersweet twist in knowing that there’s no life in staying in Newcastle your whole life. It’s about knowing that you have to leave your home to make something of yourself.

Sam Fender proves himself time and time again as a force to be reckoned with. He’s having an unstoppable year that can only get better as he’s playing a smattering festivals across the UK over the summer and shitload of gigs all the way across Europe.

`Give ‘Leave Fast’ a listen here.

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