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DNCE deliver a dose of funk on ‘People to People’

Los Angeles four piece DNCE have returned for the follow up EP People to People, to their debut album DNCE. The band have a reputation for radio friendly, ear worm melodies with hits like ‘Cake By The Ocean’ and ‘Toothbrush’ both racking up over 200 million streams on Spotify.

Last year’s single ‘Kissing Strangers’ is the hit that could’ve been. It took into account the slinky bassline, falsetto pre-chorus and singalong backing vocals over the chorus to create a song that was calculated to be the hit of the summer, completed by a Nicki Minaj feature. There’s even a bit of playing with funk in the track, with a strong pull of Jamiroquai. The band don’t mess around, they’re clearly in the business of creating hits with the industry background they all have.


People to People opens with ‘TV in the Morning’ which is the standout track from the EP. Like ‘Kissing Strangers’ it takes into account all that’s going into summer hits this year. It’s not the fast paced dance track you’d expect but it steps away from the heavy synths to deliver a groovy bassline that develops into silky indie. The lyrics hint at the debauchery you’d expect from DNCE but even then it’s more subdued than usual.

Songs like ‘Lose My Cool’ and ‘Man on Fire’ are even more subdued where more bombastic tracks would’ve stood out. There’s a bit of lacklustre about the other tracks on the EP, just falling short of the mark and leaving People to People a bit sour, pulling what could’ve been a standout single ‘TV in the Morning’ down. ‘Man on Fire’ comes into its own during the chorus using more and funky bass and experimental sounds but the verse is missing something.

If tracks like ‘Be Mean’ and ‘Body Moves’ from their debut had accompanied ‘TV in the Morning’ then there’s every chance that People to People could’ve been the sound of the summer and hit Spotify/Apple Music playlists like a brick to the face but with only one of four tracks standing out it looks more like it’ll be largely unknown.

Listen to ‘People to People’ here.

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