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Liam Gallagher plays a belter set at TRNSMT

The mighty LG finished a cracking weekend with a set at Glasgow Green for TRNSMT festival. After a belter set at Finsbury Park on Friday, he rocked up to Scotland on Saturday night. After a day of 25 degree weather and supporting slots on the main stage from Scottish favourite Gerry Cinnamon and Manchester heroes Courteeners, the crowd were rowdy and ready for what lay ahead.

‘Morning Glory’ got a mention, as it has been getting quite frequently this year, from Noel too. The crowd were delightedly rowdy about the appearance of the track, flares being lit and pits opening for the euphoric chorus. Oasis classics go down a treat, most of the crowd either in acceptance that they’ll never see Oasis or are reliving the heyday when they’d already seen them. Either way there was a remarkable amount of men walking about with ‘Live Forever’ tattoos.

Half way through ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol; it became apparent that someone had climbed a sound mast for a better view and the music/background cut out and Liam Gallagher shouted “jump” among other things, as he and his band left the stage to attempt to coerce the man into coming down. All it did was spur him on and make the crowd throw bottles at him and chant “jump” among other things. When it became apparent he wasn’t coming down the band came back and did one final chorus of ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ as a victory lap for one last proper sing along.

‘Slide Away’ was a highlight of the night and proved the testament of Oasis’ work, even lesser known tracks such as this getting the same reaction as ‘Morning Glory’. Liam Gallagher could be accused of playing it safe by playing four songs from Definitely, Maybe on the night but on a festival circuit, with his declining voice, Gallagher has carefully select a balance of what people want to hear and what he can give them.

A thoughtful touch, Gallagher dedicated the final song of his main set to local lad, James Morrison from Fife, who recently passed away. ‘Live Forever’ was poignant and bittersweet in this context, the crowd singing so loud that at points Gallagher seemed to stop altogether just to take it in, not that the energy the 50,000 fans gave slowed down when he stopped. ‘Wonderwall’ somehow got even bigger, Gallagher singing the opening lines then belting out the ‘Maybe’s to keep the crowd in time, but beyond that he wouldn’t have been heard over the crowd.

The past few years have proven to be kind to Gallagher. Despite his voice both physical going and being intellectually outspoken as time goes on, his revival has been nothing short of biblical (as he would say.) The return of Britpop to the masses has been a reminder that in dark times, as Britpop originally found itself, solace can be found in the simplest things.

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